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Indian Foundation for Butterflies, or IFoundButterflies, is a group of professional biologists, amateur naturalists and other enthusiasts interested in studying and conserving India's biodiversity. It works towards three main objectives: (1) consolidate available information on Indian faunas and make it freely available on its natural history websites such as the Butterflies of India and this Cicadas of India, (2) actively collect new information on all aspects of Indian faunas through research, and (3) communicate this information with policy-makers and work with various governing bodies so that the information is used to conserve species and their habitats. Further information about IFoundButterflies and its original mission statement may be found on its webpage.

Starting in 2010 with a website on Indian butterflies, the IFoundButterflies group has subsequently supported growth of websites on moths, odonates, and now cicadas. If you are interested in starting another website on a new group of organisms, we will be happy to support with the framework developed for the above websites. Contact us if you are interested.

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Kunte, K. 2023. Indian Foundation For Butterflies. In Marathe, K., V. Sarkar, B. W. Price, P. Roy, and K. Kunte. Cicadas of India, v. 1. Indian Foundation for Butterflies.

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