The Butterflies of India Website Team: Butterflies of India website is a vast project that draws upon the expertise of a large number of butterfly biologists, naturalists and advanced butterfly-watchers, and upon the generous contributions from naturalists, citizen scientists and photographers. As a result, this website is truly a consortium of scientists, whether they are professional, amateur or citizen. Read more about the core group members.

Producers and supporters of the Butterflies of India website: The Butterflies of India website is produced as a non-profit collaboration between institutions and groups. The website runs mainly on voluntary efforts and generous image contributions from largely amateur butterfly-watchers. The scientific backbone is provided by more serious amateurs and working scientists who also work on this website on a voluntary basis. Read more about the participating and supporting institutions and groups.

Indian Foundation for Butterflies: Indian Foundation for Butterflies, or IFoundButterflies, was established during the monsoon of 2009 by a group of professional butterfly biologists, amateur naturalists and other enthusiasts interested in studying and conserving Indian butterflies. It works towards three main objectives: (1) consolidate available information on Indian butterflies and make it freely available on its flagship website, Butterflies of India, (2) actively collect new information on all aspects of the biology and conservation of Indian butterflies through research, and (3) communicate this information with policy-makers and work with various governing bodies so that the information is used to conserve butterfly species and their habitats. Read more ...

Publications of IFoundButterflies: See our scientific research papers, books, outreach materials and other publications.

Resources for Press: Short write-ups as well as a detailed profile that may be used for press releases and news coverage.


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