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A new species of Platypleura from the Eastern Ghats reported in Zootaxa.

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We very much welcome your contributions in the form of media files (photographs, videos, line drawings, etc.). These files could show distinctive characteristics of a cicada species, or its morphological variation, habits, habitat, early stages (eggs and nymphs), and so on. The media files will form a bulk of the species pages and most of our user contributions.

We have an online submission system for images. Please email Purnendu Roy and copy to Krushnamegh Kunte for details on how to submit your images.

We look forward to your contributions to this free, citizen-contributed, peer-reviewed encyclopedia of Indian cicadas. Thank you very much for your help in building this reference. We are all working to build this website on a voluntary basis but, as a team, we are working almost round the clock to process your media files and put them online. So please be patient if your files do not appear online immediately. Peer review sometimes takes time, but it is an important step. If you have any questions about your submissions, please contact the people mentioned above.

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Kunte, K. and P. Roy. 2018. Contributing Media Files (photos) To Cicadas Of India. In Marathe, K., V. Sarkar, B. W. Price, P. Roy, and K. Kunte. Cicadas of India, v. 1. Indian Foundation for Butterflies.

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