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A new species of Platypleura from the Eastern Ghats reported in Zootaxa.

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Welcome to Cicadas of India, an internet-based and peer-reviewed resource devoted to Indian cicadas. It is a sister of the Butterflies of India, Moths of India, Odonata of India, Reptiles of India, Amphibians of India and Birds of India websites. Similar to those websites, it is designed to disseminate comprehensive information on various aspects of the biology of the approximately 250 species of Indian cicadas, encourage their observation to study their natural history and ecology, gather population and distributional data in a centralized database, and spread awareness about their conservation.

This website includes photographic records, distributional data, and natural history information under various tabs of the species pages. It encourages "citizen science", where ordinary citizens participate in gathering scientific data and building this free resource on Indian cicadas. So get involved! You can contribute cicada pictures or spot records, write species pages, contribute other articles, or just spread the word.

This website is new and still under development, so if you spot any errors or face issues with the website user interface, please contact the site editors.

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Marathe, K., V. Sarkar, B. W. Price, P. Roy, and K. Kunte 2018. Cicadas of India, v. 1. Indian Foundation for Butterflies.

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