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Cicadas of India released!

How to study cicadas in the field? (A manual to study cicadas by Vivek Sarkar, pdf format).

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Here is a list of species pages that currently have photographs of early stages (eggs and nymphs), arranged in reverse chronological order, along with the people who contributed the photographs. Also see the complete list of species pages on this website.

4. Pomponia sp. : Yeshwanth H M, uploaded 2016/01/19.
3. Gaeana atkinsoni : Yeshwanth H M, uploaded 2015/03/29.
2. Balinta octonotata: Vivek Sarkar, uploaded 2015/02/22
1. Chremistica ribhoi: Krushnamegh Kunte, Tarun Karmakar and Vivek Sarkar, uploaded 2015/02/22.

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